Membership Information

What is NTAC membership

Membership of NTAC is based upon a subscription model where all members pay an annual subscription fee and insurance levy.

How to apply for membership

If you would like to be considered for NTAC Membership please complete our <membership application form>.  If you would prefer a paper copy of this form to complete please request one from our membership officer or email   Paper forms should be returned to: NTAC Membership, PO Box 641, Launceston. Tas. 7250. or alternately you can scan and email the form directly to

Once we have received the form your application will be processed and we will be in touch. There is no need to send any payment with the application form, our Treasurer will invoice you once your application has been accepted.


Subscriptions and Fees

Type Single Family1 Child2
Joining fee n/a 2015 n/a 2015 n/a 2015
Annual Subscription $220 $330 $25
Annual Insurance Levy $110 $165 n/a
Work bee levy3 $50 $75 n/a


1Family membership covers 2 adults and 2 children under 18 years of age.

2Child member can be amended to a parent or legal guardian’s family or single membership. Children are not eligible to hold membership independently of their parent or guardian.

3each member is required to attend two days of working bee on the mountain in each calendar year. These are for

general lodge maintenance and activities such as woodcutting. Non-attendance attracts the workbee levy.