Working Bees

Working bees are conducted regularly throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn and are essential to the maintenance of the lodges as well as being fun occasions to get together outside of the ski season. Typical working bee tasks include painting, cleaning, maintenance of lodge infrastructure and essential services and woodcutting. All members are required to complete a minimum of two days working bees each membership year.

Working Bees 2019

The following working bees have been scheduled for this year.  We are currently finalising the task list, so watch this space for more details.  The focus of our work bees this season is follow up from the plumbing project as well as general maintenance and repairs.  We have jobs for all skill and interest levels so please get in touch if you need more information about work bee options.  The task allocations will also be emailed out to members in the newsletter closer to each date.

Work bee 1: Saturday 19th / Sunday 20th January
Work bee 2: Saturday 16th / Sunday 17th February
Work bee 3: Saturday 9th / Sunday 10th / Monday 11th March (long weekend)
Work bee 4: Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th April
Work bee 5: Saturday 18th / Sunday 19th May
Work bee 6: Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th June (lodge clean up ready for snow!)