Become a Member

The Northern Tasmanian Alpine Club is currently accepting new member applications.  If you are interested in joining the Club you can fill out and submit our membership application form here, or contact our Membership Officer via email at

Our 2017 membership special is currently running.  If you would like to receive your 2017 accommodation at half price you need to get in quickly as this offer only applies for membership applications received by the 31st of May 2017*.  Don’t hold off too long as this deal is being snapped up.  Contact Ben for more information about our current special.

*other terms and conditions do apply.  Please contact our membership officer for full details of the offer.

Membership of the Northern Tasmanian Alpine Club is via an initial joining fee and then payment of yearly subscriptions and levies. These levies are determined at the Annual General Meeting at the end of the previous year. Upon application for membership you will be considered as a Prospective Member. This status entitles you to use the Club facilities and receive member privileges while the Committee considers your application. We encourage you to make the most of this period of application to try out the Club facilities and get to know the other members. This is a great opportunity to assess whether our Club is the right fit for you. Once full membership is received you are required to remain up to date with payment of all subscriptions, levies and accommodation fees or your membership may be suspended. Full membership can be granted to individuals or at a family rate.


Step 1: Make your enquiry to or complete the membership application form

Step 2: Your application will be tabled at the next committee meeting for consideration

Step 3: You will receive notification of the outcome of your membership application

Step 4: Upon acceptance of your application you will be notified by the Public Officer and our Treasurer will raise an invoice for your annual subscriptions and levies.  Upon payment of this invoice your membership application is considered complete.


Once you have completed your membership application and lodged it for approval you will allocated Prospective Membership. This entitles you to use the Club facilities and receive member rates and privileges while your application is processed. Prospective members can make accommodation bookings and attend all Club functions.