Is linen provided?

No linen is provided.  You will need to bring a sheet, pillowcase, sleeping bag (or doona) and towel.

How many people are there in a room?

Each room in the main lodge accommodates 8 people (2 double and 4 single bunks).

Will we have our own bathroom?

Each pair of rooms in the accommodation wing of the main lodge shares a bathroom. There are two additional bathrooms upstairs  and two bathrooms downstairs.

Where is the fridge/freezer?

As there is not constant power to the lodge we do not have refrigerators or freezers.  There is a cold room off the back of the kitchen with shelving for food storage.

Is there any power?

The lodge runs generators to supply power over meal times and in the evenings.  Outside of these hours there are LED lights powered by batteries to provide low level lighting.  It is advisable to bring a torch to assist you in your room if you head to bed late or decide to wander about late at night.

The mountain can also be extremely dark so you will need a torch when moving about outside at night.

Do I need to bring cooking equipment or cutlery?

Our kitchen is fully equipped with everything that you need to cook your meals.  We have sufficient plates, mugs, glasses and cutlery for over 80 people.  The kitchen has two large gas cooktops and ovens and extensive bench area.

Where is the nearest shop?

There are no shops on Ben Lomond, however you can buy meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) at the Alpine Hotel.  You can also purchase snacks and lunch from the Cafe in the Snow Sports building.

Do I need snow chains for my car?

Yes.  All vehicles must carry snow chains – the weather can change quickly so this is necessary even in “fine weather”.

A shuttle service is available is you do not wish to carry chains, or would prefer not to drive your vehicle to the top carparks.

How far do I have to walk from the car to the lodge?

NTAC is approximately 200m from the top of the main carpark.  At busy times when the carpark is full you may need to walk up to 800m.  Please pack your gear accordingly – the ground can be slushy or slippery and the weather can be wet and windy.