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NTAC – Online Auction Fundraiser Group

The first of our online auctions has now been completed but the best way to watch out for our next buying session is to join the Facebook group so head over and request to join ‘NTAC Supporters Fundraiser‘.

If you are on Facebook already click here and request to become a member of the page.

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Australian Sports Foundation



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NTAC supports a safe, fair, inclusive environment in sport and recreation


In partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), NTAC is now able to raise tax-deductible funds for the development of the Club’s infrastructure, as well as specific projects.
The ASF works with sports clubs and organisations from all over the country, helping them fundraise via tax deductible donations. The ASF partners “with grassroots and community organisations right through to elite and national levels to help raise funds for vital projects that will help improve the health of our nation, build our communities and strengthen our national sporting identity. Partnering with us means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, which is a real benefit to donors and makes fundraising easier”. For more information see the ASF website.
We have established an NTAC Development Fund and an NTAC Special Projects Fund. The ASF guidelines specify any money raised must be used solely for the stated aims and cannot, for example, be used for day-to-day operating expenses. Funds raised by the NTAC Development Fund will be used to ensure the Lodge is a suitable and safe destination for members and community groups by meeting contemporary expectations in regard to the building, the facilities and amenities. The current aim of the NTAC Special Projects Fund is to raise money for the purchase of the snow cams. We hope members, past and present, are able to support these long-term fund-raising initiatives and take advantage of the tax deductible status now offered. Donations can be from either individuals or businesses. Any funds you choose to donate will be used to secure NTAC’s future for another 87 years as a destination for members, families and community groups.

Read about the two funds that have been set up here.

Would you like to contribute to the NTAC Development Fund?

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Or if you would like to help us fund the NTAC Web Cam Project you can contribute here.

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