NTAC Bookings 2023 – Booking Policy (Terms and Conditions)


Bookings are open for the 2023 ski season with a staged approach to booking confirmations.
1.1 Members preferential booking will be open from 21 May 2023 until 8pm 4 June 2023.
1.2 From 4 June 2023 until September (end of season) members and members guest bookings will be allocated in the order that they are received.
1.3 Member and member guest bookings will be received from 21 May 2023 with guest bookings confirmed in order of receipt (subject to availability) upon closing of the member priority period.


2.1 Members will receive a confirmation notice if there is availability for their booking, and a waitlist notice if capacity is not available. Invoices will be generated no later than 14 days prior to your stay for all bookings made in advance, with payment due 7 days before your arrival.
2.2 Member guest bookings for midweek stays will be accepted during the member priority booking period.
2.3 Bookings for members guests for Friday and/or Saturday night will be accepted for waitlisting during this time and confirmed once all priority period member bookings have been accommodated.


3.1 Please ensure that you note whether dates are open for expression of interest or guaranteed lodge opening dates. The booking process is the same but lodge/Fred bed allocation will be subject to numbers for the expression of interest weekends.
3.2 Your confirmation will be received in the form of an invoice. This will be dated for payment 7 days prior to your arrival and a reminder will be sent 14 days prior to your arrival date.
3.3 Member bookings made in the priority period will not be confirmed until after the priority period closes to enable all member priority bookings to be considered.
3.4 Member bookings made in the priority period will be allocated by preferences, and then by order received where capacity does not allow all bookings to be accepted.
3.5 Member guest bookings for weekend stays made in the priority period will be addressed in the order in which they are received, but not confirmed until all member bookings have been addressed.
3.6 Member guest bookings for June bookings and any midweek stays (including school holidays) made in the priority period will be addressed in the order in which they are received and confirmed along with the accompanying member
3.7 At the conclusion of the member priority booking period booking allocation will revert to confirmations being made in the order that bookings are received for member and member guest bookings.


4.1 Bookings will only be accepted from financial members of the Northern Tasmania Alpine Club. All outstanding work bee levies, member annual subscription fees or any other dues owed to the club must be paid up in full.
4.2 All booking requests must be lodged via the website www.ntac.org.au, queries and bookings for Frederick Smithies mid week stays can be made by email.
4.3 A waitlist will be maintained where capacity does not exist to confirm bookings.
4.4 Members must provide the names of all adults, and names and ages (at time of stay) of children when booking. Bookings cannot be accepted if this information is not provided.
4.4.1 If the members of your booking change please notify us in writing so that corrections can be made in our records and invoices reissued where applicable.


Single Night Weekend Multi Weekday
Adult member $35.00 $50.00 $20.00
Child member $20.00 $25.00 $15.00
Adult member guest $65.00 $100.00 $55.00
Child member guest $35.00 $50.00


5.2 Members aged 18-23 years on family memberships are charged adult bed rate.
5.3 Children aged 3 years and under stay for free, child rate applies for all booked beds for ages 4-17 years.
5.4 Weekday rate applies when two or more weeknights (Sunday through Thursday nights) are booked during nominated open weekdays. Stays in Fred Smithies when lodge is not open are levied at regular night rates.


6.1 Booking confirmation is made by receipt of your invoice. For bookings made well in advance a reminder invoice will be sent out 14 days prior to your arrival.
6.2 Payment is required to confirm your booking and is due to our account no later than 7 days prior to your arrival.
6.2.1 For bookings made within 7 days of arrival, 100% payment is required upon receipt of your invoice.
6.3 Members must lodge bookings for member guests and the booking member is responsible for the timely payment of invoices for member guest stays. Each member guest booking must name the responsible member for the duration of the stay, and that member must be present for the guest stay.
6.4 Payment is to be made via direct deposit as stated on your invoice.
6.5 By confirming your booking you are agreeing to comply with the booking conditions listed, and the COVID-19 procedures in place at the time of your stay. These are under continuing review as public health directives are updated.


We recognise that booking accommodation for your family and friends is an important benefit of your NTAC membership. We ask that you cancel your bookings as soon as you are aware that you can’t attend so that we can offer beds to the next on the waiting list. Even if you have paid your invoice and just decide not to come at the last minute please let us now so that someone else has an opportunity to stay.

Please consider other members and book thoughtfully and cancel with consideration. For cancellations after confirmation a component of accommodation fees will be withheld or levied. Any reimbursements given will be supplied as a credit note against your account to be used against future accommodation or subscriptions and levies.

7.1 Member Bookings. For cancellations sooner than 7 days before arrival we will issue full credit. For cancellations inside 7 days of arrival we will retain 50% of your paid accommodation in order to assist in covering lodge running costs. Cancellations inside 72 hours incur 100% payment.
7.2 Member Guest Bookings. For cancellation of member guests bookings fees will be applied as follows; inside 7 days prior to arrival – 100%.


8.1 In consideration of other members, you will not be permitted to attend the lodge if unwell, and will be required to depart if you are noted as unwell during your stay. If you are cancelling due to illness please contact bookings to discuss your options for refund/rebooking.
8.2 You are required to sign in and out of the lodge on arrival and departure of your stay. Register is held at the front desk.
8.3 You are required to provide your own pillowcase, bottom sheet and towels for your stay. Sheet and pillowcase are required for all beds even if you use a sleeping bag.
8.4 You are required to adhere to all conditions of stay and lodge procedures. An information sheet will be provided with your booking confirmation so please ensure that you are familiar with the requirements before you accept your booking by making payment.
8.5 Bookings will not be accepted for unaccompanied minors. Where a booking is made for a member under the age of 18 not staying with their member family, the accompanying adult member must be identified in the booking form and an email must be sent to bookings identifying the adult member guardian for the duration of the stay. This member will be contacted to confirm that they are aware of this nomination.